Weight Loss And Surfing

Have you ever seen a fat surfer? Probably not, right? Now, you may think that the reason for that is that only fit people are brave enough to tackle surfing, but you would be wrong. Surfing is proving to be one of the most popular fitness activities of the 21st century. Just as the 70s and 80s had aerobics, the 90s had spinning, you’ll find that the 2000s have surfing. And, if you are lucky enough to live within an easy drive to the coast, you can incorporate surf school Bude into your weight loss routine.

Surfing is For Everyone

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Visit any coast in the UK, and you’ll find that people of all ages are surfing. It’s not all buff bodies on huge waves. You’ll see toddlers on funboards and grannies on longboards, all paddling in the shallows and making their way out into deeper water.

This is partly because some dedicated surfers wanted to share their love of the water with the general public. Several big names in the surfing community started figuring out how to help people with no previous skill, and who even may not be physically fit at all, to enjoy being on the water. The development of various sizes and shapes of surf boards made a big difference, as did the building of a variety of curricula that broke the sport down into manageable bits.

Weight Loss

But what about weight loss and surfing? Well, it seems that floating and paddling through the water burns a lot of calories. Even if all you are doing is crawling up onto a surf board and paddling to and from the beach, you are using muscles in your entire body, getting a core workout. Not only do the extremities, such as your hands and feet, do their fare share of micro-movement, but your torso, belly, and buttocks get a workout, too.

One big benefit to doing your workout in the surf is that the water bears your weight, so you don’t have any impact on your joints. This low-impact exercise not only stretches your muscle groups, it is a good cardio workout, as well. Just the micro-adjustments your muscles make as you lie on your stomach on a surfboard burn calories. The added exercise from paddling and kicking is more workout.


If you choose to pull up onto your knees on the surfboard, you build even more core strength. In addition to getting stronger, you also improve your sense of balance – often an issue as we get older. Many times, when a senior citizen falls, it’s because they cannot react quickly enough to maintain their balance. This often results in head injuries or broken bones. But with surfing, your balance improves and you more naturally recover from a misstep.

All of this physical activity burns hundreds of calories, and builds muscle tone, too. The improved sense of balance and increased physical strength improve your quality of life. So, when you consider a weight loss regimen, think about taking up surfing.

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