The Rise Of Life Hacks

Life hacks have become something quite big now, and some of them are pretty clever. There are definitely things that are just plain designed badly!

Take these rock hard clamshell packs for example. They are a nightmare to get into even with a pair of scissors. This hack is a great way to get around the edges without cutting yourself on the stupid design.

Another annoying design flaw filled product is cans. Cans are great for taking out and about but unfortunately have no way to reseal. Sat at a table and you straw keeps popping out of the can? Not any more!


There are also some great uses for products that we don’t even use any more. I remember the days of cassettes. Making your own mix-tape, now those were the days. But if you do have an empty cassette tape hanging around, why not try this?

So those are just a few life hacks that you might find interesting. There are loads more out there and also a fair few youtube videos such as this one.

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