So How Dangerous Is Surfing Anyway?

Surfing is, perhaps, one of the most surprising of sports. The reason I say that is that it is no longer the sole domain of people with sexy, firm, fit bodies who crave the thrill of danger. Sure, that is out there, and always will be. But surfing today is for just about anybody who wants to get in the water. Even the nemesis of the deep – the shark – isn’t nearly the threat you might think.

A Nice Drive

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If you want to find out just how dangerous sharks are for the surfer, take a drive to the beach. Did you make it safely? That’s how safe you’ll be in the water. Actually, you’ll be safer in the water than you are on the roads. People who drive on roads are far more likely to be injured in auto accidents than peopleS who surf are to be bitten by a shark. There are several reasons for this.

Skills Level

One of the biggest protections for the typical surfer is simply that he or she is not that great. Face it, the sexy, thrill-loving professional surfers who have left surf lessons behind, don’t surf where you will surf. Most of them are in deeper water, or rockier water, or in more secluded areas, where they can get fancy waves with cool names. Those who do surf at the same beaches you frequent will be farther out on the waves than you go. Simply put, if anyone would be shark bait, it would be the daredevils who venture out into the realm of sharks, not people who ride fun boards and boogie boards in small surf. The few shark attacks that have happened are typically deep-water surfers who venture too close to feeding grounds, looking for bigger thrills and more danger.



Not only is your skills level likely to keep you safer, the surf zones are very closely regulated. You’ll find that there are buoys to demarcate safe areas with no undertow, protecting you from the risk of being pulled into deeper water or near shoals. Besides markers, there are also employees and lifeguards who constantly watch for sharks or any other rare threat that might appear. You have professionals looking out for you. They don’t want anything to happen to their surfers – it’s bad for business!

You can also be proactive with your own safety. Pay attention to barriers, buoys, and markers. Don’t take stupid chances, thinking you’re being daring. If you graduate to higher skills and want to take on dangerous surf, good for you. However, chances are, if you’re afraid of sharks, you’re not in that group of danger seekers. Watch flags, watch waves, and stay within markers, and the only place you’ll see a shark is on your plate, or in an aquarium.

Beginners to Experts

The immense popularity of surfing has made the sport safer than ever. From beginners to experts, the boards are made to fit the individual and be easier to control. So, enjoy the surf, and don’t worry about sharks.