Improve Your Performance With The Right Gymnastic Wear

No matter what kind of physical activity you participate in, the right clothing is important for your comfort and performance. It is more than just a fashion need – although fashion can figure in significantly. The fit of gymnastic wear will enhance your practice and help you to concentrate on your performance.

Gymnastic Wear

Gymnastic wear usually consists of tights and a bodysuit, at the very least. These need to fit snugly, without binding. Binding clothing can not only restrict movement, they can chafe the skin, drawing blood and causing blisters. Besides the discomfort, performance in such clothing will be more difficult because it may distract you from your performance.

Just as difficult is gymnastic wear that is too loose. It will bunch up, rubbing and chafing. It can also make the gymnast trip. And, who wants to watch a gymnast who is constantly hiking up their pants or readjusting straps. Clothing that flaps around while the gymnast is practicing or performing detracts from the performance, and distracts the performer.


Grips are important for most gymnasts, as well. In fact, many items have grips built in. At the very least, your grips will need to coordinate with the gymnastic wear you are using during the performance.

Fashion Wear

Fashion wear for the competitive gymnastics routine is often required as part of team competition. While fashion wear for gymnastics is not as flamboyant as most dancewear, it is certainly functional and signifies team affiliation. Since fashion wear is usually in several colors, with patterns stitched in, high quality construction is important. The seams can rub and chafe. The structure of the fashion wear can also restrict movement. Therefore, before the team orders fashion wear for gymnastics, it should be carefully tested and studied to make sure that it will perform satisfactorily for the gymnast. This applies to bodysuits, as well.


Whether you are an individual, or a gymnast on a team, you will want individual fitting for your gymnastic wear. Professional fitting is important so that the patterns used for your particular outfit will fit your dimensions. A good fit makes all the difference in your performance and practice.


It is very important to make sure that your leotard or singlet does not have any adornments that hand down. These can not only catch on gymnastics equipment, they can be a distraction. You need to be able to focus throughout your practice or performance, and distraction can lead to serious injury. Therefore, beware of any straps, strings, or ruffles that might get caught or otherwise interfere with your activities.


Many gymnasts will wear shorts while practising. This is fine, but be careful that there is nothing on the shorts that can catch on the equipment. Drawstrings, snaps, and even pockets can catch on equipment, causing injury. Make sure they fit tightly so that excess fabric does not drag on gymnastic equipment or otherwise impede your movement.


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