Choosing The Ideal Lounge Furniture

Choosing the ideal lounge furniture is a highly personal decision, dependent on your personal tastes, your budget, and your space. Here are some pointers on how to choose the ideal lounge furniture for your home.

What Is Lounge Furniture

Lounge furniture is usually considered to be outdoor furniture. If it is not outdoors, it may be in a sunroom, atrium, or conservatory. It is intended to be casual and comfortable, and usually should be easy to care for. Lounge furniture should be durable enough to withstand weather, and comfortable enough for you to prop your feet up.


Many times, lounge furniture is made of natural materials, such as wicker or rattan. Some people prefer Adirondack-type chairs made of 1 X 4 boards with cushions. Other popular materials are cedar, redwood, and teak, each of which are very durable and can withstand weather and moisture.

One of the most popular metals for lounge furniture is wrought iron. This is partly because it is a rougher finish, and does not have any pretense for being a fine piece of furniture. If it gets rusty, it actually looks better, rather than looking worn out. Colorful cushions finish out the wrought iron chair or settee, creating a welcoming destination in the garden or patio.

Other metals, of course, are also used in lounge furniture. Aluminum is popular because it is so lightweight. This makes it easier to move the furniture from one spot to another. For those who prefer a more permanent location, heavier steel lounge furniture that has been powder coated can dress up outside areas.


These days, most lounge furniture is made with replaceable seat cushions. These are available in just about every color combination and them you could possibly want, allowing yuou to change the look of your outdoor areas at will.

Other lounge furniture will have seats made out of some kind of mesh. In the old days, you would find nylon strips woven together and riveted to an aluminum frame. You can still find these chairs and chaise loungers, but most people like more of a furniture look to their lounge furniture. The biggest problem with this older design was that the aluminum would come into contact with your skin, and could be very hot. In addition, the nylon strips are often itchy, and the rivets can loosen and scratch you.


When you choose the ideal lounge furniture, decide what it will be used for. Do you want to take it camping with you? In that case, you may want the old nylon/aluminum chairs.

But, if you want outdoor entertainment, you will look for more substantial lounge furniture. This will be made of wood or a heavier metal so that it will not blow over easily. Select construction that you will be willing to care for. For example, wicker and rattan must be hosed off once or twice a year, and a sealant applied to preserve the fibers.

Whether you want colorful lounge furniture, or nice, calm colors, there is something out there for you.



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