Winning At Blackjack 4 Tips To Beating The House

Follow Us There’s a few simple rules to remember before you get in the finer strategy of the sport, when you play black jack. Hit on 21, compared to the dealer or you always try to get closer to 21. Constantly pretend the dealer has...


Guide to Financial Independence

Follow Us Were you ever shown a guide to financial independence in school? Why is it that schools insist on educating us about things we do not actually need? When did you last need to understand about when Columbus landed in the Americas or plants photosynthesis?...


The Problems in Finding Work in Kenya

Follow Us   Finding work in Kenya is much like finding a job everywhere, can be quite challenging sometimes. The great news is that the market of Kenya is evolving and with that change comes a host of openings and new job opportunities. Nevertheless, anyone...


Great Garden Hacks

Follow Us Spring is on the way, and gardeners can hardly wait to get their hands dirty. As a gardener, you may have already prepared spaces in your garden for new plants or flower beds. Trees have already been shaped and pruned to allow sunshine...