5 Of The Craziest Artificial Trees

When most people think of crazy, artificial trees, the first thing that comes to mind is usually the aluminum Christmas trees of the 1950s and early 1960s. These shaggy representations of their natural cousins were often lit by a rotating light beneath that turned them from green to red to blue. That, however, was just the beginning when it comes to crazy trees. Trees, being one of the most graceful and striking works of art in nature, are imitated by humans in many different ways. Blown glass, cast metal, carved wood, paintings, and paper mache’ representations of these natural art forms are a staple in gardens and homes. Here are several of the craziest artificial trees you have ever seen.

Bicycle Tree


In London, the Bermondsey Square has a tree made out of Bike Tires. This recycling (pun intended) attempt has produced a whirl-i-gig effect with the colorful tires spinning in the breeze, and the iconic pyramid shape successfully carried out in the construction of this striking model. Structures like this are clever and humorous, as well as visually appealing.

Water Bottle Trees


In Montreal, you can go to the Domison store and see the sculpture called the “Ice Tree.” This is made of over 300 water bottles. The tree hangs from the ceiling, and the light shines through the bottles, making it look like it is carved from ice.

Murano Glass


In Italy, the city of Venice has erected a breathtaking structure made of over 1000 glass tubes. This 10 foot wide, 28 foot tree weighs over 3 tons, and is completely made of Murano glass. Murano glass is hand-blown by artisans, and is very valuable, coveted by designers and decorators.

CD Tree


The Chelsea Market, located in New York City, played host to one of the trashiest trees ever made. Constructed by an artist, the gigantic artificial outdoor tree was made from old music CDs and tapes. The tapes were those pulled out of old cassettes. The overall effect is actually quite stunning, “topping the charts,” so to speak, on reflected light and shiny-ness.

Shopping Cart Tree


For 14 years, Anthony Schmitt has been building shopping cart trees in Santa Monica California. These huge structures are said to symbolize abundance, and the generosity of the giving season. He also wanted to remind everyone of the role of shopping carts in the lives of homeless people, many of whom keep all of their earthly belongings in a shopping cart. His goal is to find beauty in objects that are part of everyday life. The structure of these trees includes giant Christmas balls, and the lighting reflects in a striking manner.

These 5 crazy artificial outdoor trees are just a small sample of the lengths people will go to in recreating nature in unusual ways. These tributes to some of the most majestic elements of nature can be awe-inspiring themselves, and certainly an expression of the creativity of man in response to the inspiration provided by nature.

How To Beat That Post-Baby Fat With These Tips


Losing fat after having a baby can be difficult and discouraging. After all, you thought you had outgrown baby fat when you went through puberty! But, women find out that they have to lose baby fat every time they have a child. Here are some pointers for burning off that fat after you have a baby.

Everything Changes

After you have a baby, you have to face the fact that things have changed. Not only do you have fat in places you never had fat before, but your body has shifted and sagged in some places. One of the hardest things is to work with a body that you no longer recognize. This can be really discouraging. Not only are you recovering from pregnancy and delivery, but you are coping with sleep deprivation that accompanies new motherhood and a strange body.

Having a personal trainer can make a big difference. For the busy new mother, having your own online personal trainer is more convenient. Your trainer will be familiar with the problems of getting back in shape, and have suggestions that won’t stress your body as it recovers from this important experience. It takes months to recognize which changes in your body are permanent and which ones you have some control over.

Types of Exercises


The right online personal trainer will know specific exercises you can do as your ligaments tighten back up. It’s important to be gentle with yourself, because you can hurt yourself if you exercise or diet too severely after giving birth. The wrong exercises, or exercises done incorrectly, can actually injure you and delay your recovery. Take it easy, and don’t rush anything, and you can get the extra fat burned off.
Walking is one of the most well-recommended exercises for burning fat. It is low impact, not creating problems for the pelvic muscles as they recover. Gentle calisthenics are also good for consuming calories.


You may or may not be able to resume your old diet after you’ve had a baby. If you are nursing, there will still be some foods and medication you need to avoid. Generally, you’ll find that foods that have a certain effect on you, such as causing gas or restlessness, will affect your baby in the same way. You also have to avoid alcohol. However, nursing usually burns a lot of calories, and can be an excellent way to burn calories after childbirth.

Consult with a nutritionist who specializes in dietary needs of post-partum women. Sometime a great suggestion is to head to a detox venue such as a weight loss detox retreat or something similar. You can get great advice on types of food that will maintain your energy without excess calories. A healthy diet, of course, is crucial to burning fat, regardless of your stage in life. But, as a nursing mother, a diet with a lot of beans and such may cause problems with the baby.

The key to burning fat after having a baby is to be patient. Coax your body back into condition, and realize that it takes time.